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Technology enhances all aspect of the curriculum at all grade levels


We all know that today's young people are the most technologically advanced generation to date.  Our goal at Bishop Flaget is to use that love of technology to enhance the learning process so that the students can investigate the ways that technology can enhance our lives rather than inhibit them.  We are 1:1 with iPads in preschool-3rd grade, and 1:1 with Chromebooks in grades 5-8. All classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards or Smart TVs, and our media center boasts four 3D printers and a poster printer.  In addition, students are able to learn through the use of Sphero robots and Mindstorm robots within the classroom in addition to the other technology at their disposal.


In addition to learning, Bishop Flaget strives to be at the forefront of creating an environment which embraces learning and helps students to achieve their best. We are always willing to experiment with flexible seating options and new technologies. Stay tuned!

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