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Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried to include a lot of the questions that we get asked a lot.  If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Do you have to be Catholic to send your children to Bishop Flaget?

Absolutely not. Bishop Flaget is open to all students regardless of faith. In fact, we are about 15% non-Catholic. We encourage all who desire a high quality, faith-based education for their children to take the opportunity to learn more about our school.


What do your students do after they graduate from the 8th grade since you do not have a high school?

Our 8th grade graduates continue onto one of the area high schools or Fisher Catholic High School in Lancaster. The majority of our 8th grade students finish up at Chillicothe High School; however, it often depends on what district they live in as to where they attend high school. Our students excel at all the area high schools and often graduate in the top 10% of their class. Bishop Flaget students report that they are more than prepared for high school and that they consider their transitions to be very easy.

In 2019, the Chillicothe High School and Zane Trace valedictorians were Bishop Flaget graduates.


Is there financial assistance available to non-Catholic students?

YES! We have scholarships based on need for our non-Catholic families. You can apply for tuition assistance at  Please contact Mrs. Corcoran so that she can be looking for your application.  About 99% of our families receive some form of tuition assistance.  We are also an EdChoice provider, so depending on the school district in which you live and your family income, your family will be eligible for a state voucher to help with tuition.


Do you have a payment plan?

We have several payment plans that make tuition payments easier. Most families choose the monthly payment plan which spreads your tuition payments over 10 months: July-April. Other options include quarterly, semi-annually, or one lump sum payment. Those who pay tuition in full by August 15th entitled to a $100 per child discount. For info, click here.


What does it mean to "have a religious education"?

As a school in the Diocese of Columbus, our students have a religion curriculum that is prescribed.  Each day, there are 40 minutes of religion instruction.  Within this instruction, students are involved in Mass, service projects, scripture study, and building an understanding of their role in God's universe.  Students of all faith traditions are able to participate in various activities and encouraged to share their faith journeys as the Catholic students gain a deeper understanding of their faith. If you are interested in the specific learning standards for students, click here.


Do Bishop Flaget students take standardized tests?

Bishop Flaget students take the Renaissance STAR tests for progress monitoring. These short online tests allow us to monitor student progress to make sure that our students are growing MORE than a year in a year.  Students who receive any of the state scholarships, EdChoice or Jon Peterson, are also required to take the Third Grade Reading Guarantee Test and the state science tests in 5th and 8th grade. (We use the STAR Third Grade Reading Alternative Assessment in place of the state assessment.) Our 8th grade Algebra students have to take the Ohio end of course exam since they are receiving high school credit for the course.


Why is the Catholic rate lower than the non-Catholic rate?

The parishioners of St. Mary's and St. Peter's parishes are very blessed to have church families who support them in their effort to educate their children in the Catholic faith. Therefore, the churches subsidize the tuition of the Catholic students. We encourage non-Catholic families to speak with their home churches about working with us to make their tuition more affordable.


What are some additional educational options offered to BFS students?

Students at Bishop Flaget have the opportunities for additional instruction through Title I program tutors, speech tutoring, foreign language instruction (grade 8), art/music education, band, individual music instruction, a stellar physical education program, and service learning programs.  We are also a designated STEM school which indicates that our students receive an education which is rigorous, hands on, and focused on 21st century skills.


Is Bishop Flaget accredited?

Bishop Flaget is fully recognized by the state of Ohio and accredited through the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA).  Accreditation is an on-going process and is not something that is achieved and forgotten.  Bishop Flaget renews its accreditation every 6 years by participating in a self-study process and an evaluative survey of the school programs and goals.  We received our most recent accreditation in 2019 and will be working on our current improvement plan through 2024.  It is our goal to never be content to meet standards.  We believe that it is important to meet and exceed all standards and opportunities given to us.


Is there transportation offered to BFS students?

All schools within a 30 minute drive of Bishop Flaget School are required to offer transportation services or provide payment in lieu of transportation to the parents.  We currently have buses from Zane Trace, Southeastern, and Chillicothe. Unioto, Adena, and Huntington provide payment in lieu of transportation to families. If you are in need of busing for your children, please contact Mrs. Corcoran and she will instruct you on who to contact for these services.

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