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Bishop Flaget Endowment Fund


Looking for a way to give to the future of Catholic education in Ross County?  There's no better way than to donate to the Bishop Flaget Endowment Fund.  Our endowment is managed by The Catholic Foundation, and every donation made to the endowment is a donation for eternity. 


The Bishop Flaget Endowment Fund is held at the Catholic Foundation and is mainly used for the purposes of tuition assistance.  Each year, the fund grows and also provides about $25,000 in needed tuition assistance for families of students at Bishop Flaget.  We encourage anyone who is interested in providing a "perpetual gift" to Bishop Flaget to consider donating money to the endowment fund.  No gift is too small, and all donations are held in the fund.  We do not touch the principle of the fund...all withdrawals are from interest only!


For more information on donating to the Bishop Flaget Endowment Fund, please contact Mrs. Laura Corcoran, our principal, at 740-774-2970 or by email.  You can also contact the Catholic Foundation for assistance as well (614-443-8893 or 866-298-8893).

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