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Bishop Flaget School welcomes all to join us in our educational journey.
We are proud to be 
the school home for families of many different backgrounds and faith traditions.
We work together 
as one community to provide our students with a stellar academic experience
on a foundation of faith, character, and service to others. 

In addition to providing an education founded on the faith of the Roman Catholic Church,
we also provide a challenging, STEM-focused academic program. Our teachers are trained in nationally recognized pedagogies including Buck Institute Project-Based Learning, the PAXIS Institute Good Behavior
Game best practices for social-emotional growth and student self-regulation, and Education in Virtue
character development programs in addition to continuous professional development and training in
classroom-based interventions, data-driven instruction, and social-emotional learning and support.

In order to meet the needs of all of our students (including those with individualized educational plans),
Bishop Flaget contracts with therapists in speech, occupational, behavioral, and physical therapy.
We employ one intervention specialist, a Title I reading and math tutor, and a special services

coordinator to oversee the RTI process, aid parents in advocating for their children, and ensure that all of our students receive the services they need to be successful.
Bishop Flaget has been a
Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider since 2016.
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