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At Bishop Flaget, we are part of a larger, supportive community

which makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our students.


Parish support 

Bishop Flaget is a parish school within the Diocese of Columbus. In the past, we have been supported by two churches, St. Mary and St. Peter's churches of Chillicothe. As part of the Real Presence, Real Future, our parishes are in the transition process of becoming one parish with St. Mary's, Queen of the Mission, in Waverly, Ohio. All three church communities support the school through prayer and monetary means.  In addition, the pastor provides sacramental prep assistance, says Mass, and visits the classrooms at Bishop Flaget to share their knowledge and faith with the students. Our new parish, which will become active in July 2024, will be Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles.


St. Mary Church

St. Peter's Church


Diocesan support 

As a school in the Diocese of Columbus, we receive support from the Diocese in the form of administrative oversight and professional development.  The Diocese of Columbus also works with our schools and the others in the diocese to develop curriculum that is in line with the state of Ohio and the high standards expected in our Catholic schools.  The diocese also provides assistance in the accreditation process, school safety, building and grounds oversight, and government program funding.


Community support


Knights of Columbus - Bishop Flaget Council #1071 - The Knights help out at Bishop Flaget by providing cleanup, volunteer hours, helping with special events, and fundraising.



How can I support the school?



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Kroger Community Rewards 

Register your Kroger Card with Bishop Flaget and we will receive donations from Kroger based on the spending of all of our registered supporters.  Must be re-registered annually online. 

Gift Card Sales

SCRIPS cards are gift cards and gift certificates.  You pay only for what you get and the companies give a percentage to the school.  It's a great fundraiser because, technically, it doesn't cost a thing!  Think about using it for gifts, gas, groceries, clothes, and all the regular expenses that add up.  Plan ahead and we all benefit!


Go to to sign up. You will need the school enrollment code to direct the "kickback" to Flaget.


The code is enrollment code is DCFB2B169648.


Families will receive 50% of the SCRIP profit as a tuition credit. Also, people who choose to buy SCRIP but do not have children at the school can designate their SCRIP money to go to special areas (music, technology, classroom teachers, tuition assistance) or to a particular family to help them with tuition. The other 50% will go to the school general fund for normal operations of the school.


We have awarded over $20,000 in tuition credits to families who have been participating in this program!


For an informational flyer, click here.

Lands' End Preferred School Program


Purchase school uniforms and other items from Lands End and earn money for Bishop Flaget through the Preferred School Program!  (You can also use your SCRIP cards at the same time and earn additional money!)


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