Websites for Extra Practice


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Singapore Math Help

Singapore Math is a whole new way of looking at math and one that is proven to help students better understand and apply mathematical concepts.  For parents, it is often a totally foreign approach.  This website, organized by Cassy Turner, a nationally recognized expert in Singapore Math (who has visited our school twice), is an excellent source of information and math apps and games to help your students improve their math skills and understanding.

Khan Academy is a website devoted to learning.  It is a great place for students to learn new material and delve deeper into topics of interest.  The videos are professional and help students learn while providing practice activities.  There are also special learning opportunities like "An Hour of Code" for students who want to start learning computer science skills.

PBS Kids is a great website for younger students to learn valuable skills including letters, numbers, typing, and manipulating the mouse.  Lots of fun games that kids enjoy.

Dance Mat Typing is a fun program for students to improve their keyboarding skills.

Math games that kids enjoy.

Website with animated videos and activities in all subjects with emphasis on science.