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Building on Our Past, Strengthening Our Future

Capital Campaign

We are at 95% of our goal of $450,000. Please prayerfully consider how you can support us in our endeavor.  Reaching this goal will enable us to complete our HVAC renovation and electrical upgrade.

In order to make a quality learning environment for our students, we need to continue to maintain and improve our facility. It has been almost 20 years since major improvements have been made to our heating system. At that time the original boiler and controls were replaced along with new windows and exterior doors. Now it is time to provide efficient heating and add cooling capabilities to the entire building.  First, our students deserve a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn.  The second reason is to provide heating and cooling efficiently to be the best stewards of our finances which we are required to be as the protectors of the gifts of the Father. The heat pumps are some of the most efficient available, and each room will have individual controls.  The boiler will also still provide backup heat for the rest of the building if temperatures fall below the ability of the heat pumps to heat the building.  These units provide heating ability to -5 degrees (although the boiler will most likely be needed at these temperatures, which we routinely see for only a short period during our winters). 
When we investigated the amount of power needed to operate the new system, our electrical engineer informed us that our current electrical service is not code compliant.  This is the system which was installed when the building was originally completed in 1962. This information along with the need for additional power requires that we upgrade our electrical system.  This includes the replacement and upgrade of the current system from a 400 amp to a 1000 amp system.  The internal building wiring does not need replacement, only the exterior electrical service and the main disconnects (breakers) for the current service.  This upgrade not only will provide power for our new HVAC systems but also allows for any future expansion we may consider in the future.  
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